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You may be familiar with problem solving processes and wonder how these processes are different from the Weyerhaeuser Troubleshooting Process.

Problem solving is used for longer-term, more complex problems that require more data analysis and a team approach. Working through a problem may take several weeks but will often lead to major improvements in processes, products, or services.

The Weyerhaeuser Troubleshooting Process is designed for "on the floor" situations where time is of the essence. These problems usually take only a few minutes, hours, or shifts to solve. If it takes much longer than that you might consider using a longer-term problem solving process.

All good troubleshooting and problem solving processes use similar logic and steps. So, if you are familiar with another problem solving or troubleshooting process, the Weyerhaeuser Troubleshooting Process will seem very familiar to you.

Here are some situations that lend themselves best to using the Weyerhaeuser Troubleshooting Process:

  • Something that used to work but
    • now doesn't.
    • is now working poorly.
    • is causing a lot of downtime.
  • Something that works sometimes but not always.
  • Something that you have been working on but have not been able to solve.

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